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Integrated courses usually follow a 3+2 years' pattern, including bachelor's and master's (except for law courses). Pursuing an integrated course after 12th helps take off the burden of worrying about admission after your degree and helps you choose your specialization beforehand. By this, you save your efforts for the specific line you want and have a clear goal. At the same time, during the bachelor's period or the first three years of the integrated course, you will have more exposure and opportunities to broaden the scope of your knowledge. Thus, it provides you with the best of both worlds.

Programs Offered

Diploma + UG + PG
  • BA+MA (Phys/Social/Eco/English Lit)
  • BA+MA (Mass/Pub Admi)
  • BA+MA (Intn. Relation)
  • B.com+M.com
  • B.com+M.com (Enter. And Intn. Trade)
  • BA+ LLB
  • BCA+ MCA
  • BBA+ MBA
  • BBA+ MBA (Hon)
  • BBA+ MBA (Multi Continent)
  • B.tech+MBA
  • B.Tech + M.Tech ( All Branches) (6 Years)
  • Diploma + B.Tech (6-Years) (All Branches)

GMIU Different modes of Teaching - Learning Process

Keeping in view New Education Policy (NEP- 20) recommendation in mind, following innovative teaching learning modes and choice based credit system (CBCS) are proposed

Integrated Program

Any student can opt for certain available combination of Undergraduate and Post graduate courses together to widen the knowledge versatility.


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