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Department is rich in terms of experienced faculty members, library resources, and IT infrastructure. GYANMANJARI INSTITUTE provides an excellent atmosphere for its UG and PG students to develop educationally, physically, emotionally and intellectually through a robust teaching-learning system. Faculty members of the School of Management are in continuous touch with industry experts in various fields which helps the department to strengthen its curriculum as per industry requirements. Department is focusing on developing practical skills among students through industry visits, workshops, training, guest sessions and live projects. Apart from imparting program-specific skills, GYANMANJARI INSTITUTE is also focusing on inculcating human values among their graduates which give good human beings to society.

Programs Offered

  • BBA
UG (Honors)
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Banking and Insurance
  • FinTech/EduTech/Agri Business/Event Management
  • Innovation & Entrepreneur
  • International Trade & Business
  • BBA (Multi Continents)
  • MBA
  • MBA-(Multi Continents)
  • MBA-Banking and Insurance
  • International Trade and Business
  • MBA-Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • FinTech/EduTech/Agri Business/Event Management
  • MBA-Marketing
  • MBA-Human Resource and Marketing
  • MBA- Family Business and Entrepreneurship
  • MBA (Executive)
  • BBA + MBA
  • BBA + MBA (Hon)
  • BBA + MBA (Multi Continent)
  • B.Tech + MBA

GMIU Different modes of Teaching - Learning Process

Keeping in view New Education Policy (NEP- 20) recommendation in mind, following innovative teaching learning modes and choice based credit system (CBCS) are proposed

Regular (3 Years) Program (BBA)

After successful completion of 3 years regular program, students will be awarded UG degree in their chosen Major discipline with 140 (minimum) credits.

Regular (2 – Years) Program (MBA)

After successful completion of years regular program, students will be awarded PG degree in their chosen Major discipline with 140 (minimum) credits.

Research (International Recognition)

Any student from 3 – Year program, can opt for extensive research program during 4th year in their major and can secure 160 credits in total which is recognized UG program at international level.


Any student from 3 – Year program, can opt for Honors degree by selecting minors of choice from interdisciplinary programs and can earn extra 20 credits during tenure of 3 – year program itself.

Integrated Program

Any student can opt for certain available combination of Undergraduate and Post graduate courses together to widen the knowledge versatility

Genius Program

In all the courses, additionally premium (Genius) programs are offered in which, value added programs are integrated to supplement students learning and enhance their preparedness to meet the challenges of professional life. These programs enable the students to acquire more holistic perspective and also facilitate the students to gain and develop innovative and creative skills through a wide array of course offerings.

Blended / Flipped Mode

Based on NEP – 2020, full flexibility in teaching learning methodology is offered to the students. Students can opt for blended (hybrid) or flipped mode of teaching. This pedagogical approach offers a mixture of traditional and online activities and the integration of synchronous and asynchronous learning tools, thus providing an optimal possibility for the arrangement of effective learning processes based on students’ choice and availability.


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