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GMIU provides students with an enriching exposure to research, entrepreneurship and innovation, internationalization, placements through a quality learning experience. The undergraduate law programs at GMIU provide students with the understanding of the fundamentals of law which allows them to learn the principles of justice and learn its administration for shaping the society.

Programs Offered

  • LLB
  • BA + LLB

GMIU Different modes of Teaching - Learning Process

Keeping in view New Education Policy (NEP- 20) recommendation in mind, following innovative teaching learning modes and choice based credit system (CBCS) are proposed

Regular (3-5 Years) Program

After successful completion of 3-5 years regular program, students will be awarded Law degree in their chosen Major discipline with 140 (minimum) credits.

Integrated Program

Any student can opt for certain available combination of Undergraduate and Post graduate courses together to widen the knowledge versatility.

Blended / Flipped Mode

Based on NEP – 2020, full flexibility in teaching learning methodology is offered to the students. Students can opt for blended (hybrid) or flipped mode of teaching. This pedagogical approach offers a mixture of traditional and online activities and the integration of synchronous and asynchronous learning tools, thus providing an optimal possibility for the arrangement of effective learning processes based on students’ choice and availability.


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